The Loard Love a Cheearfull giver

Hamilton Ontario Canada

Who We  Are

We are a Church of God committed to His loving creatures. Kingdom mindset is our passion which is based on AGAPE love.

Psalm 133:3
We are a church of God committed to physical growth as well as spiritual growth. We love and worship God, and we want to actively participate in extension of goodwill to the community around us

Our Leader

Pastor Olugbemiga & Pastor Olayinka Fayenuwo

A few years ago, God by His Will and power through His people commissioned this Church, and ever since, we have been experiencing divinely orchestrated growth numerically and spiritually by the mercy of God and the fervent labor of the people of God, in spirit and in physical. The church is ready to take a next step of growth as God has blessed us with more people and pressed on our hearts with more need, we are looking to expand our capacity to house the blessing of souls whose steps are directed to Restoration Assembly Hamilton everyday.

Our Leader


With help from your generous donations

We believe that with

  • 2000 friends giving $250
  • 1000 friends giving $500
  • 500 friends giving $1000
  • 250 friends giving $2000
  • 50 friends giving $10,000
  • 10 friends giving $50,000
  • 5 friends giving $100,000

We can achieve:

  • A Sanctuary Honorable to God
  • A home for the physically challenged
  • A bud for young entrepreneurs
  • Mental support home for pregnant
  • women and young parents

How to

Canada, US, Nigeria, Europe, Others

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All donations shall be receipted.
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"Go up to the mountains, bring wood and rebuild the temple, that I may be pleased with it and be glorified," says the LORD

Haggai 1:8